Architectural Metal Cladding – When Quality Matters

“They want to build the Windsor Castle with a budget for a tent.”

This comment was made by one of the Zinc Cladding Australia team recently. It was during a tender process and in response to the builders insistence that we were (once again) well over their estimating budget.

We withdrew from the tender and were left with a feeling of frustration. Are we really in an industry that always considers lowest price as best price? Do they expect the tent to perform as the castle has?

Most in our industry will be familiar with the three parameters that guide most projects. Quality, cost & time. A common belief is that only two can be achieved, this means a decision about which two is required.


Which two could you manage and which two would you choose? Let’s take a look:

  • Cost can be measured and managed through estimating budgets, contracts and scopes of work.
  • Time can be managed throughout a project by programming milestones, identifying delays early and correcting delays through procurement & resourcing.
  • Quality can be measured by someone with vast experience and understanding of what the trade discipline requires. Some products may appear to be finished well, but will they stand the test of time

Under pressure to make budget and program it is easy to focus on cost and time. It seems to be a very easy decision. When it comes to letting finishing trade contracts, quality of outcomes don’t often seem to be considered.

Architectural Metal Cladding – When quality matters


Quality of contractor, finishing skill of installers and their attention to detail can really impact a building’s facade. When choosing an Architectural Metal Cladding contractor quality matters because:

  • Architectural Metal Cladding is a highly detailed and visible finishes trade.
  • Home owners, building owners, architects, designers and their clients make considered decisions when selecting and specifying Architectural Metal Cladding Products.
  • These products, installed correctly, will achieve stunning visual results.
  • It is a significant investment by the building owner or the builder’s client.

Architectural Metal Cladding products are chosen with the head as well as the heart. The head chooses products that have exceptional service life, products like VMZINC, elZinc, Copper and Brass. The heart chooses these products which, in their natural form will develop a rich patina over time creating an amazing appearance that ages gracefully.

A Quality metal cladding contractor with experienced installers will understand the detail required to get the best performance from these products, they will:

  • Limit oil canning
  • Allow for expansion, contraction and ventilation
  • Conceal fixings and achieve a seamless aesthetic.
  • Create stunning facades and inspired buildings.

Yes this article is in our self interest but don’t we all believe the finished quality of our projects is in the interest of owner, builder and contractor alike?

Don’t we all want to be proud enough to say “that is one of mine”.

That is why quality matters….